Monday, October 13, 2014

Bali Day 1

 Found volcano during my flight, it was a tiring flight with a baby sitting next to me crying...
 A short trip to Bali which was sponsored by Bar Council, From left Anusha (my room mate for 3 days and Parvindar whom me n Anusha hangout with during the entire trip. 
 Top: Forever 21
Bottom : Bkk

 These 4 pictures above are taken when i reached  Pura  Luhur UluWatu. Beautiful scenery ! ohhh la la~~ 

 Enjoying the best moment.

This is the Kecak performance which was performed by the locals. As the sun sets over Uluwatu Temple, the men chant as if in a trance, while the performance takes place. Awesome experience and was packed with loads of people!

It was a tiring trip but we enjoyed ourselves!