Friday, January 4, 2013


Legoland was fun, however my preference would be always Universal Studio Singapore. Next destination would either be Hong Kong Disneyland or Taiwan shop and eat till you go mad.

Its pretty easy to look for the location of Legoland at Nusajaya (follow the sign) with Garmin GPS, the area was new, hence, you can only set the nearest to Legoland and from there you will be able to look for Legoland from far.

What am i wearing?
Top : Cotton On
Pearl Denim Shorts : Milktee
Shoe : Converse
Necklace : from Tongue In Chic Bazaar
Bag : Crumpler

All Pictures were taken by Canon EOS.. i am lazy to bring my DSLR..its pretty heavy though..

Legoland Pictures to be continued

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