Saturday, January 5, 2013

Legoland Part 2

This has been sold out in malaysia, poo bear was looking for Iron man instead..nw..we plan to buy HULK and if possible, grab Iron Man!
Tips to Legoland : Bring Umbrella, water , mini Fan , and cash to buy Lego!
To buy online (provided you set the date or you may have a designated date ), then you will be entitle to 25% Discount every ticket you purchased,
However, in my opinion, if you do not have a designated date to go to Legoland or you have yet to decide which day to go (but within the same year) you are advised to purchase online as well to avoid long waiting Q would be frustrating if this happens. However this may not entitled you for a 25% discount online without designation date.
Kindly visit here for more details


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