Monday, July 9, 2012

Mint or blue?

 This Summer my theme is mint and yellow! love Pastel ..simply lovely! so me n genise did our "proffesional" mani and pedicure at home
 she painted for me..ugly buy love the colours :)
 i love this colour..glitering pinky toes matches every flipflops i have!

 and then i turn it into stripes! awesome! behind its a piano music score for "payphone" i love this song!
 my condo
 Genise in the house trying to show how weird is her belt matching her top! (we dont see it as a problem)
 my current haul! i've just purchase this top from bangsar, love it in polka..matches my mint Pull & Bear shorts very well a marshmellow!
 mint moustache ring
mint cup from moo cow..i pick oreo with pumpkin seed yougurt ice-cream, i love the pumpkin seed..its only RM10.90 per cup! yay!

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