Sunday, July 1, 2012

hello July

 Stainless steel Tous key series, after purchasing this, tous no longer available in malaysia :(
 classic all time favourite from Tous pendant, got it as a gift from daddy along with a leather necklace
 Tous earing, love at 1st sight, back then it was RM460 plus, i am wondering they still have it?but nvm, i still have plenty of other earings from tous as well.
 my Top from UDC, sheer but non see through if you wear the correct skin tone bra
 3 different colour tops to match my mint shorts
 part of my wardrobe
 fried Kalilan & fried crabsticks DIY it when i am home alone
 the most delicious bread!
 mint n pink?
 last piece of Dorothy Perkins belt
 a pen from an ex collegue of mine, another pen is from poo bear
 Home alone with classical music
 part of the furniture, to store ladies accessories and also men accessories, most of the girls wants this
 stila no longer in malaysia, but i still love them , especially their bronzer, this is the last makeup box

 multi controller, aircon, TV, Amp, DVD player, u name long as you key in the programme, this controller will do the cost around RM20k, just incase you are wondering (guys)
 this stands for Wiliam Loves Germaine :)
my mobile pouch and xmas prezzie handcream from aunt

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