Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grand Season HIgh Tea

 at the grandseason hotel having hi-Tea with family..this is our 1st time having it here...often hi -tea at legend hotel..nothing special except their Asam Laksa is a must have food! its freaking delicious! MUST TRY!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

blueberry crochet collar

Top: Blueberry
Shorts : Milktee
Bag: Longchamp
Wedge: Clarks
Accessories :Quirky Brown cow (bangle), Forever21 (Pearl Necklace)

Animax part II featuring Alodia Gosiengfiao

if you have been shopping at 1utama, i have been working with my dad who held the event for Animax. everything was well planned till the crowd approach us! there are lotsa people who came for the freebies..some came to argue with us..and complained to me that..people might faint as there are too many people as they are not Q-ing up.(we made them Q-up, but they do not obey eventually) everything is for free..and why the hell you are complaining this and that?if you think there are too many people, sorry! we do not provide VIP room for you and if you cant take it..leave the venue .thats your choice..stop shouting there and create a scene there.:)

we were the 5 Team IC/Leaders..its not fun having the walkie-talkie during a busy, noisy event like this..instruction cant be heard clearly and its stressful as there are too many instructions.

some of the Tarc College student which we source them as part-timers to work for the event, some of them were very nice, some are not..PS: during such a event, you are not entitle for any breaks, you are allowed to bring a bun or something to eat during your working period..and we understand that you will be hungry throughout the day from 12pm-6pm..which is why we allow you to munch something while working..yet..there is a girl from TARC who claims that i did not provide her 15minutes, come on! you are not even entitle to it! so stop the being princessy around..if you think you are a princess..please dont work for a event company!(for god sake, she took 15minutes to have her meal as my fren relieved her, infact..she took more than 15minutes) so why the hell you are complaining..some of my other girls..dint even take a break and eat throughout the wholeday..they are the one should be complaining more than you!

there is another 2nd day Exit guy..who really talks too much and acted like a prince!he said this "when i am free, then you call me to do other work, then its ok, if i am not free..then dont instruct me" erm? boy! make it clear! you are the employee or the employer? or you are a god damn typical chinese who doesn't understand the word between employee and employer? if you are the employer..i am fine with it..but duh! you are the employee..who acted like an employer instead of a part-timer!