Saturday, October 29, 2011


Look at my Inner buttons..butterflies! isn't it cute??peach,soft yellow, red, and cream colour..i changed the buttons into butterflies instead of bored gold bold button..there is another top which i changed the entire buttons..and now its looks more lively yet cute.!!!all u need is some creativity!
ROJAK at was drizzling, poo bear and i was hungry, so chop chop..we went to this lorry rojak on the go for rojak.

my new lens which costs me..T_T but its worth it!
f1.4 (picture taken by canon)

Crop Top: Bangkok Chatuchak Market
Maxi: Sg.Wang
Bag: Laura Ashley
Flip FLops : Havaianas Pavillion

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


love it once i saw this!!! its oggy and the three evil cockcroaches.. haha...simply cute..he is my 1st model for my new lens..haha..

Hate working..Sigh..

Monday, October 24, 2011

After Floating market

chatuchak and also all over in Bangkok! coconut ice blended must try! haha..its simply delicious especially after sweating all over during the day under the hot sunny weather. noodle stall located right infront of our hotel at sukhumvit.. ask me for more details if you are interested. oh yea..i am selling my Pentax f2.0 manual prime lens 50mm for only RM280! its vintage!
i've just upgraded with f1.4 50mm.. haha!
* cant wait to go to bangkok again!